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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Early morning spring repair service

I always get up really early in the morning for work but this day didn't seem to start well. I had gone in the garage to get some things out and noticed that the garage door wouldn't open all the way. Actually, it didn't seem very stable and so I called Garage Door Repair Rosenberg. The greatest thing was that the tech came over while I got ready for work so I didn't have to miss any work. With one look he realized that he had to repair the garage door springs. He did a great job. I mostly appreciated that he covered my needs so fast and so early in the morning.


We have our overhead garage door for many years and to be honest we failed to maintain it on time. So, lately it gave us some trouble. I personally know nothing about technical matters and I just found this garage door company in the web and prayed that the techs could fix the problems. I was thrilled by their work! Thanks to their garage door repairs the door started moving again as it's supposed to. I was also relieved that they didn't tell me to replace it. I liked their honesty and surely couldn't do with their garage door service!

Great advice for new openers

When we decided to replace the existing garage door opener, the first thing we did was call Garage Door Repair Rosenberg. As we expected, they helped us a lot. Since, we hardly knew anything about electric openers let alone brands, they took time to explain points and guide us in terms of what we needed. I personally liked that they first asked us about the characteristics of our overhead door in order to direct us in the right way. They were very professional, analytical, attentive, and such things are really great when you need to make serious decisions. We do recommend them!

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