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There are a few different types of garage door openers available today for homeowners who would like a little mechanical help opening and closing their garage doors. Garage doors can be heavy and uncooperative depending on the material used and having a chain or a belt pull the door open is a big help for almost everyone. There are things to consider when choosing the garage door opener, like the material of the door and the climate where the garage is at. Our company can help clients make an informed decision when choosing a garage door opener.

Garage Door Openers Rosenberg carries a lot of different brands of garage door openers for installation in a home garage.

Garage Door Openers in RosenbergNot only do they sell these openers but they also install them, whether it is the first time a garage has had a door opening system or it is a replacement of an older system. These brands include:

   * Genie

   * Liftmaster

   * Chamberlain

   * Craftsman

   * Sears

   * Marantec

Our company installs and repairs or replaces any type of garage door openers. Their employees have years of experience working with garage door openers and satisfaction is guaranteed. The types of garage door openers they repair and install are:

    * Chain drive garage door openers

    * Belt drive garage door openers

    * Screw drive garage door openers

A chain drive opener is the most common and long-standing type of garage door opener. They are usually the least expensive to install and maintain but there are more issues with a chain drive opener than other types. The chain that pulls the door open can sometimes jam or tangle and it needs more lubrication and maintenance than other styles. Chain drives are also noticeably noisier than the other styles. Belt drive openers can be a little more expensive than chain drives but they do have fewer maintenance concerns and the belt is definitely quieter than the chain drives. Belt drives are usually paired with heavier doors because the belt is more suited to support the weight. The screw drive opener style has a lifting device on a threaded rod to pull the door open.

Screw drive openers have less maintenance which is a positive but they are not suited for areas with a variable climate because the parts can warp or jam because of temperature and moisture changes. Garage Door Repair Rosenberg can service the garage door opener whichever type is chosen by the customer.

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